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Hello! I am a novelist and scholar (pronouns They/She) focused on the intersections of sexualities, gender, religion, and health in the interpersonal and historical experiences of sexual and gender minorities.

As a novelist, my writing draws heavily on my life and research as a bisexual, non-binary transgender scholar from the working-class south, and focuses on the ways sexual and gender minorities navigate life, love, relationships, and politics in the southeast.

As a scholar, my teaching and research centers on sexual, gendered, religious, and health inequalities utilizing mixed-methodological frameworks to investigate the ways taken-for-granted norms and assumptions impact the lives and outcomes of sexual, gender, and religious minorities in society.

I’ve designed this site as a collection of my scholarly and creative work. For ongoing updates and offerings, you can also follow me on social media via any of the links below or check out my public academic writing at the links above. For scheduling speaking engagements or general inquiries, please contact me at

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2 days ago
What’s in a Name

Back with a new post on the SSSI music blog - exploring naming

“I don’t know what it’s called,” they say smiling, “But its track four, yeah, track four, this moment is definitely track four!” “There is something about that song, you know the one ... See more

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