Queering Dixie

The Queering Dixie series is a collection of stories exploring aspects of bisexual, transgender, asexual, non-binary, pansexual, lesbian, gay, poly, intersex, and / or otherwise Queer experience in the southeastern United States.  While all the stories in the series are completely fictional, each one draws on experiences and interviews with Queer people in the south, and focuses on a specific part of the life course, experience, and development of a character in a southern context.  Further, the stories may be read in any sequence even though many will overlap with other entries in the series in terms of characters, locations, and events.



2017; available for purchase here for $2.99 ebook (free on Kindle Unlimited) or $5.99 paper 

Dating, relationships, and intimacy can be difficult enough waters to navigate for twenty-somethings with limited experience, knowledge and financial means. These experiences can become even more complicated for Queer people in southern small towns. In Essence, we meet and follow Brandon and Willa – two bisexual companions in their early twenties who at times are more than friends – as they seek to figure out what they mean to each other, intimate experiences with others, and their first encounters with poly relationships, non-binary people, intersex people, asexual people, and the complexities of falling in love.

Sample Chapter

That Year      

2017; available for purchase here for $2.99 ebook (free on Kindle Unlimited) or $5.99 paper  

What does the world look like through non-binary eyes?  What does it feel like to start over in a city after being raised in a small southern town?  What does it feel like the first time someone finds affirmation and embrace in a community?  In That Year, we follow Collings as, with the help of a supportive grandmother and grams’ special friend, they navigate each of these questions in Tampa, Florida.  Told from Collings perspective, we walk with them as they navigate emerging adulthood, cisgender norms and assumptions, and their first experiences living openly as a non-binary, pansexual young adult.

Sample Chapter

Come Pick Me Up

Forthcoming 2018; stay tuned for updates

Coming out of the closet and into an embrace of a marginalized sexual identity is difficult enough the first time, but what happens when you find yourself in a similar process after having already been out as a member of one sexual minority group for a few years?  In Come Pick Me Up, this is exactly the situation where we meet Ethan – a college man who has only ever felt serious attraction to other men.  Well, that is, until a chance encounter with a woman named Cat plunges him into an investigation of bisexualities and whole new coming out process aided by friends, boyfriends, his mother, and of course, Cat herself.


Morgan Street

Planned for release in 2018; stay tuned for updates

As part of a writing assignment in college, Easton is tasked with writing a memoir about growing up in the rural south before coming to college.  Titled after the unusual rural road where they grew up, Morgan Street is the product of the assignment wherein Easton introduces readers to life on a street that was both situated in the middle of nowhere with nothing but churches, farms, and bars nearby and a street composed of only LGBTQIA families and their children thanks to the efforts of a lesbian couple in the 1980’s.  In so doing, Easton introduces readers to a Queer rural life and upbringing.