Courses Offered to Date:


Sociology of Sexualities                                                    The Sociology of Gender

Medical Sociology                                                              Qualitative Research Methods

Sociology of Childhood                                                     Sociology of Deviance

Sociological Theory                                                           Families in Global Perspective

Race and Ethnic Relations                                               Sexual Subcultures Through Film

Introduction to Sociology                                                 Social Problems

Sociology of Religion                                                         Social Psychology of Groups

Clinical and Counseling Sociology                                 Sociology of Music


Previous Course Syllabi Examples:


Sociology of Sexualities                                                     Qualitative Methods

Childhood Socialization                                                    Medical Sociology

Sociology of Gender                                                           Introduction to Sociology


Public Lectures, Panels, and Workshops:


“Problematizing the Cisgender Foundations of Contemporary Religion and Nonreligion.” University of Illinois Chicago Department of Sociology Colloquium Series (Spring 2016, University of Illinois Chicago).

“Religion: Where do we come from Panel.” University of Tampa, Center for Faith and Values (Spring 2016, University of Tampa).

“Contemporary Religion and the Cisgendering of Reality.” Honors Program University Colloquium Series (Fall 2015, University of Tampa).

“Navigating Graduate Study.” Department of Sociology (Fall 2015, University of South Florida).

“Religion and Gender Panel.” University of Tampa, Center for Faith and Values (Spring 2015, University of Tampa).

“Social Justice.” University of Tampa, Bonner Leadership Program (Spring 2015, University of Tampa).

“Religion and Sexualities: Sexual Orientation Panel.” University of Tampa, Center for Faith and Values (Spring 2015, University of Tampa).

““Work it girl!” LGBT Christians production of homonormativity in Drag Queen Bingo.” University of South Florida, Department of Sociology Colloquium Series co-sponsored by the Women’s Studies Program (Fall 2014, University of South Florida).

“Somewhere Between Evangelical and Queer: Sexual-Religious Identity Work
 among LGBT Christians” Honors Program University Colloquium Series (Spring 2014, University of Tampa).

“Religion and Film Panel.” University of Tampa, Center for Faith and Values (Spring 2014, University of Tampa).

“Time Management, Course Design, and Teaching Strategies for first-time instructors” delivered for Florida State University’s Program for Instructional Excellence (Fall 2010, Florida State University).


Scholarship Related Media Involvement:


Evaluation research in housing programs for homeless populations covered for University of Tampa website, October 2015. http://www.ut.edu/CSSME-Tackles-Homelessness-in-Community-Engagement-Initiative.aspx

Interviewed on “Homeless Experience in America” for University of Tampa student documentary on “Homelessness,” 2013.

Interviewed by Religion News Service about women’s status in the Mormon Church, November 2014. http://janariess.religionnews.com/2014/11/11/mormon-leaders-give- women-mixed-messages-say-sociologists/

Research into the social nature of biological health disparities between women and men covered in State: The Faculty and Staff Bulletin of Florida State University, Volume 49 (page 8), October 2014.

Research into Mormon Leaders’ conceptualization of women in the church covered in Yahoo News, July 2014. http://news.yahoo.com/mormon-church-hasnt-budged-gender- roles-40-years-114400086.html

Research into Mormon Leaders’ conceptualization of women in the church covered in Live Science, July 2014. http://www.livescience.com/46867-mormon-church-gender- roles.html

Research into Mormon Leaders’ construction of homosexuality throughout history covered in Symbolic Interaction blog, June 2014. http://sijournal.wordpress.com/2014/06/03/why-would-our-heavenly-father-do-that-to- anyone-new-article-by-j-edward-sumerau-ryan-t-cragun/

Interviewed on “Bisexuality” for University of Tampa Student Newspaper Special Issue on LGBT Pride, 2013.

Interviewed on “Sexualities, Gender, and Sport” for University of Tampa Student Documentary on “Homophobia in Sports,” 2013. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GA9Mr-pe5Hc


Program Evaluation for Local Communities:


Sumerau, J.E. and Norma Winston.  “Evaluating anti-bullying and anti-abuse educational programs.”  Details:  Content analysis of lessons learned by elementary students in anti-bullying and anti-abuse educational programs.

Sumerau, J. Edward. 2015. “Evaluating the treatment of LGBTQ members in an open and affirming congregation.” Details: Small scale study of the experiences and interpretations of LGBTQ members of a southeastern Christian church seeking to be welcoming and affirming for sexual and gender minorities.

Sumerau, J. Edward, Norma Winston, and Jack Gellar. 2014 – 2015. “Evaluating the effectiveness of providing chronically homeless people with housing.” Details: Small scale study of the experiences of homeless people living in subsidized apartments and the ways such arrangements may or may not lessen cost in overall efforts to combat homelessness in the Tampa Bay Region.

Sumerau, J. Edward. 2006 – 2008. “Evaluating Muslim experience in Georgia communities.” Details: Undergraduate research project exploring treatment of Muslim Americans in Georgia, and Muslim reactions to such treatment. Published four op-eds on this topic in Georgia newspapers suggesting ways Muslim citizens could be better integrated into, respected within, and supported by communities.